The Elixir of Life—The Human Connection Professional Manifesto

This is my plan for ending the loneliness and depression epidemic that plagues modern society. In one sentence—we must upgrade how humans gather and socialize.

This manifesto explains my dreams, declares my life’s purpose, and defines the human connection movement. I describe my core values and life philosophy, based on the science of happiness. My intention is to inspire human connection professionals, aspiring and established, to view their work as a part of the solution to a public health emergency.


Welcome to the modern renaissance.

Since the establishment of social media and rampant consumerism, belonging and social trust have decayed North America. According to research reported by the Atlantic, interpersonal trust continues to plummet in America. And historically when this happens, nations fail.

In the last 30 years, there’s been a shift. From WE to ME (See Community involvement and civic engagement is on the decline. ‘Getting ahead’ is common vernacular. People are hoarding supplies for the financial or institutional collapse (See Google: Toilet Paper AND Covid). It doesn’t look like cooperation will win.

Have you noticed the shift from WE to ME?

Have you been to a gathering and observed that most people are there to show off their lives, not to connect with humans outside their clique?

Have you noticed that most videos on Youtube about motivation or success focus on egocentric pursuits instead of community-centric pursuits?

Have you scrolled on Instagram or TikTok and witnessed the epidemic of attention-seeking and external validation?

Have you felt the rise of ‘self-image management’ in how people present themselves online and in the real world?

Sometimes, it seems like we’re all trying to compete with each other on who is living a better life… doesn’t it?

It was not always this way… you know.

Our tribal ancestors were vibrantly socially connected. They regularly came together and danced. They had rites of passage for youth. They raised their children communally, looked at each other in the eyes, took care of each other, shared rituals… and most provocatively, they defined success in collectivist terms, not individualist ones.

Take a look at the anthropological record, and you will quickly confirm the vibrancy of community life. It’s mostly been lost.

How our ancestors embraced communal life and ritual is illustrated in countless records. In Dancing in The Streets: A History of Collective Joy, journalist Barbara Ehrenreich draws from anthropological research to conclude that communal rituals and celebrations are innate to the human species.

Ehrenreich describes the communal values of indigenous tribes and chronicles the decline of these values during industrialization:

In today’s world, other people have become an obstacle to our individual pursuits.

In Healthy at 100, author John Robbins explains that vibrant personal relationships were a conspicuous characteristic of the centenarian zones, including the Japanese people of Okinawa, the Hunza people of Pakistan, and the Abkhasians of Russia. For one, these people shared experiences together.

Not only do they plant and harvest and eat together, but people share with their neighbours the experiences of birth and bereavement, of children marrying and parents dying. In this way, the community is able to take part together in the most joyous and frightening moments of life. — John Robbins, Heatlhy at 100 (pg. 33)

People in these communities cared for each other.

In Okinawa, Hunza, Vilcabamba, and Abhkasia, there is a deep sense of human connection and social integrity. People continually help one another and believe in one another — John Robbins, Healthy at 100 (pg. 284)

Tragically, as Robbins explains, western culture and modernity have reached even these remote peoples. As a result, their cultures have decayed and the people are no longer living long and healthy. Diseases of modernity have reached even these populations.

It’s disheartening, isn’t it? But it sure makes sense. The strength of one’s social relationships is known to predict longevity. And modern culture does not prioritize depth of relationships.

Research has shown again and again that the healthiest thing we can do is spend more time engaging in meaningful, face-to-face connection.

I created VYVE to revive a culture of connection in the modern world.

Western culture has been plagued with egocentrism, materialism, and consumerism.

According to landmark research by Tim Kasser from Knox College and Richard Ryan from the University of Rochester, these three isms are damaging our health and relationships. They found that goals in the four areas shown below contribute to a higher sense of well-being and goals in the three toxic areas/values can actually breed dissatisfaction and increase both anxiety and depression. These toxic goals perfectly embody western cultural values.

Courtesy of the University of Rochester.

In the words of Johann Hari, author of Lost Connections — Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression, “Just like junk food has taken over our diets, junk values have taken over our minds and made us sick.”

As human connection professionals, we are taking a stand for a different way of life.

We know about positive psychology. We know that the quality of our relationships is the most important factor in our happiness. We know that the research on human well-being has proven beyond a doubt that relationships are more important to our health and well-being than our individual success could ever be.

Informed by the research, we believe… The authenticity and vibrancy of our personal relationships is the strongest indicator for a good life.

To live life to the fullest, we must question mainstream cultural values. They cause us to miss out on what’s really important in life: contributing to a community we love, working on projects we love, and sharing experiences with people we love.

We choose to prioritize the moments where we feel most alive. Moments where we feel heard, accepted, empowered, and ignited. These moments would not feel the same — and in many cases, would not even exist — without other humans.

These moments characterize humanistic communities. These communities cultivate the vibrancy, authenticity, and well-being of their members and their interconnections. Humanistic communities are under attack by a virus. A virus of the mind—hyper-capitalist dogma and profiteering. Accumulate, control, and protect resources at all costs.

In the current mental health crisis, we see the need for an overhaul of western cultural values. From individualism to collectivism. From achievement to community service. From distrust to open-heartedness. Humanistic communities must be revived and rebuilt.

As human connection professionals, we have devoted our lives to building humanistic communities and to giving the elixir of life—human connection. We believe this is the most effective way to advance human well-being.

As a community of professionals, we empower each other in our quests. We help each other increase our impact and our financial freedom.

Our Mission

to give the elixir of life — human connection.

Our Vision

face-to-face human connection is the most commonly-practiced health habit and is prescribed by doctors more often than any other medication.

Our Dreams

1. A local headquarters for human connection professionals in every metropolis.

2. A physical social club where human connection practices are facilitated on a daily basis in every metropolis. Like CrossFit, but for human connection.

3. A global institute whose purpose is to create new human connection professionals and entrepreneurs.

We envision a global network of thousands of human connection professionals across the developed world, comprising hundreds of local chapters. In these physical spaces, facilitators will work together to engineer, launch, and lead businesses about human connection.

They will also facilitate human connection modalities, in the night, in the morning, and in the day. Every day.

Picture this. You arrive in any city and you can find your tribe immediately — other people who deeply value human connection and want to give it to as many humans as possible. You have like-minded entrepreneurs to mastermind with, and there’s nightlife experiences that actually nourish you.

Our Philosophy — the 5 Vs

Vibe: I take responsibility for my life and my vibe.

Vitality: I prioritize my physical, mental, and social well-being.

Vibrancy: I see myself and others as limitless sources of positive, playful energy.

Vulnerability: I ignite fun and belonging for myself and others.

Venture: I seek the thrill of catalyzing new connections and experiences.

We embrace the presence of others fully by creating, initiating, and contributing to connections.

We generate our own courage to create epic moments and express our radically authentic selves.

We sacrifice our egos by giving up the need to appear cool or high-status, to create fun and belonging for others.

We bring people together through celebratory rituals, dance parties, and sing-a-longs wherever we go.

Our Identity as Human Connection Professionals

We are facilitators of community and connection

We are reviving a culture of human connection

We are nurturing vibrant relationships in our lives

We are elevating our selves and our impacts together

Our Movement

We are the life force of the modern renaissance.

By building communities about human well-being, we are combatting the epidemic of loneliness and depression in this world.

By spreading belonging and positivity wherever we go, we are giving normal people hope for the future of humanity.

By empowering others to become community catalysts, we are reminding every human of what they know intuitively…

Connection is what defines a good life.

— Jacques, Founder of VYVE

My name is Jacques. I am the founding party scientist of VYVE. I have led communal celebrations on the mainstages of festivals, within the double-decker buses of London, in the Zoom rooms of Fortune 500 Companies, and throughout public streets, subways, and beaches of 12 countries counting 🌎

VYVE began as a public health initiative founded in 2017. During my Pharmacology degree, I worked as an emergency medic at music festivals for three years. Reviving dozens of young people motivated me to start a sober partying company called Party4Health.

Under Party4Health, I brought thousands of strangers together at hike raves, bike raves, beach parties, street parades, and even… underwear runs. All without a single city permit. Leading hundreds of parties, workshops, and gatherings, I learnt how to design and facilitate shared experiences, unlock human expression, and foster meaningful relationships and belonging.

Fundamentally, I am motivated by the public health benefits of meaningful human connection and community. I have dedicated my life to envisioning, engineering, and leading communities because I am alarmed by the degradation of mental health and human connection in western culture… due to COVID, social media, and mainstream cultural norms.

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